Wednesday 26 September 2007

A Talking Phone, with a Little Help

Thanks to cyke64 who read my previous post about my troubles with getting the Nokia python API doc in a phone-readable form. Cyke6f pointed me at the doc as a text file at

I still had some fun and games downloading this. My normally reliable Opera browser had a fit when clicking the link. It went into install-a-program mode and then just hung. I had hoped that I could find the downloaded file somewhere on the system, but several minutes searching yielded nothing. Swapping to the Nokia browser worked fine, but it lacks any feature to save a copy locally so I have to reload every time.

With the doc available, the solution to my challenge was within easy reach. The quick speech-synthesis program goes like this:

import audio
audio.say("hello world")

Now I've got that far the question is what next. The real interesting thing I'm aiming for is to combine data from the web with voice-synthesis to give me audio notifications while driving - traffic news being the obvious first application. So, next step: write a python app to download a web-page.

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