Saturday 22 September 2007

PDF Reader on the Nokia E61 Phone

I'm right now struck in a rather extreme example of the DadHacker-needs-to-be-mobile theory. I'm on my commute into work and there has been a crash and the traffic has just stopped. Given I have now some free hacking time and a 3G network link I'll put the theory into practise.

In my quest to make my phone say "Hello World!" using python and no other computing power than that available on my Nokia E61 I've got to the point where I need a PDF reader in order to read the standard Symbian python docs. By default the E61 doesn't have a PDF reader. Checking out the All About Symbian forums I quickly find two options: one from Nokia and another called PDF+ from mBrain Software.

Trying the Nokia one first. I downloaded the sis file from the Nokia Asia site but the installation failed. Don't know why, but it is enough to make me try PDF+.

Trying the PDF+ reader from mbrains, but on clicking the sis link the browser displays the binary on the screen. I guess that the mime type is wrong on their server.

Trying the adobe site directly. Took some searching and headed off to "Reader LE". That link sends me off to a "partner site". This site gives me an option to buy but no preview. Sigh.

OK. Time for a re-think. Next time I'll try to get a text version of the API docs from somewhere. For now the traffic is moving and I'm off to work.


cyke64 said...

hello Dave :D

Only PDF+ from Mbrain can read the PyS60 documentation file pdf :(

I don't know why ???


Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. when i searching for PDF reader fo my phone i found PDF+, BUT some man left comment that this software "eat" the battery. And it is TRUE - when you start Pdf+, read something, end then quit pdf+ - he steel eat your battery(I SUPPOSE proccessor is working). now i dont know what to do, restarting phone after reading PDF file is not cool. Somebody Please Write a FREE normal PDF program for E61, E61i! Yours Increazon from Ukraine!