Thursday 20 September 2007

Getting the Python Nokia API Doc on my Phone

So I'm getting my hand-held development environment together, albeit slowly. I've got my python interpreter, easyedit lets me edit the files next thing I need is some doc available on my phone.

The first place I went to look was Google, of course. "s60 python api doc" first of all gives me a couple of links to the LightBlue bluetooth API project which is not what I'm looking for. The next link is to Nokia forum so that looks promising but turns out to be an old PDF file. Fifth link down I find a link to the Nokia open-source wiki at

Disapointingly the latest doc available is in PDF format which I can't read on my phone. Still, I've downloaded the PDF and I'll look for a reader.


cyke64 said...

Hello again

This file in txt file will save your life ;-) Great reading on E61 :)


Dave Potts said...

Thanks very much for that cyke64. How did you create the text file?

cyke64 said...

Hello Dave ,

I found this file on a site ! I don't create this one (I try without success to convert pdf file to text )
I know that source file of PyS60 (in the official site sourceforge contains this document in Latex format ! And you must use complex tools for translating to txt or html but it is not easy to use :(

If you have a problem with PyS60 come to the DiBo and look at my site
Best regards