Saturday, 12 May 2007

DadHacker Needs to be Mobile

Now that #1 son is nearly five my home laptop is prety much taken up full time with his computer games and #2 son who is just two, but when asked answers for "three", has started taking over the aging home desktop to copy #1. That leaves me with little room to code at home and I didn't want to mess about on my work laptop. My attempted solution to the problem was to travel as light as possible. Free time being scarce for the DadHacker I wanted to have a way of coding as easily as possible to fill in any time-gap. In the hope of doing this I've got myself a Nokia E61 phone. It has a QWERTY keyboard, gameboy-thumbs style, runs the symbian os and also has a python interpreter that runs right on the phone. Thinking that just coding on the phone might not be enough I also got myself a linux virtual private server running debian thaty I can ssh to from the phone. Next step is to figure out just how much I can get done with my thumbs alone.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Welcome to DadHacker

This is a site about my attempts to keep coding in the time left over from being a GoodDad and working to pay the mortgage. Don't get me wrong, being a dad is the best thing in the world: life-enhancing fun, but it doesn't half take up a lot of time. Coding also is a lot of fun and also takes up a lot of time. The idea for this site was to track my attempts to keep my coding-foo going while being a GoodDad.