Saturday, 28 March 2009

Video Editting Software

We were going to visit the National Media Museum, but due to son #2 getting a stomach bug on Saturday night that wasn't to be. Instead we made a video diary of the weekend. My camera records quicktime (.mov) files. I had about twenty of these to splice together by the end of the weekend. I didn't have a video editing program to use. A little wikipedia led me to avidemux. This seemed lightweight and just right for what I needed. To get a rough cut done to show the wife I just appended the files together. This worked fine, but after about three minutes the sound was a long way out of sync with the video. A quick scan of the avidemux wiki suggested I do Audio->Build VBR Time Map. I tried that but it didn't seem to do anything. Clicking somewhat at random, I don't know much about video, I tired Tools->Rebuild I & B Frames. That didn't help. I'm parking this one for now. See if inspiration strikes while doing the tidying up.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Debian NSLU2 Stopped Working

My slug, NSLU2, stopped working. The power went off and it didn't come back on after booting. It just sat there with the ready light on yellow and the ethernet on green, but not showing anything on the disk 1 light. I couldn't ssh to it or ping it. Google led me to the NSLU2-linux-debian-readme page. This led me to suspect something wrong during booting. I turned off the slug and attached the USB drive to my debian PC. In the procees the entire USB hub stopped working. If I took the USB hard drive out the USB hub started working again. So I rebooted into windows, put the USB drive in and got an instant blue screen of death. Not good. Last attempt I plugged the LaCie USB drive into my laptop. The laptop didn't die, but windows said "Please insert disk" when I tried to browse to it. I'm thinking it is dead. Looks like I need to be buying a new USB hard drive and re-installing debian on the slug. If anyone has a better idea please leave a comment!