Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Unthanks Sound Check

We had an exciting trip today. Becca who teaches DS1 viola at the RNCM also plays in the band The Unthanks. They are playing at the Manchester Cathedral tonight. We went along to see the sound check. All very exciting. The boys of course thought that Becca was the star not knowing who the Unthank sisters are. Earlier on we made Mother's Day cards. I'm really not very good at teaching drawing. You Tube helped out with a video on how to draw a flower. I don't understand how when the guy on the video draws it looks really good, but when I do exactly the same thing it somehow looks crummy.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Turning Off Google Ads

I'm going to take my Google Ads off this blog site. It has been an interesting experience. In three years I've had 3,000 page impressions resulting in 34 click throughs and earning me £6 pounds. When it comes down to it this is not going to pay the mortgage and I'd rather have the higher esteem of any readers by not having adverts on the site.