Wednesday 1 May 2013

Minecraft and Minetest Update Permissions Without a Restart

Quick note to self about Minecraft and Minetest server admin tasks.

How to Update Minecraft White-List Without a Restart

This is especially needed to white-list players without shutting down the server:
  1. Make the edits to the server white-list.txt
  2. On the server as an op run "/whitelist reload"
More information can be found on the commands page on the Minecraft wiki.

How to Update the Minetest auth.txt Settings Without a Restart

Similar problem on Minetest: how to change the auth.txt setting on a running server without a restart:
  1. The Minetest wiki page on privileges states that you should NOT edit the auth.txt file while the server is running
  2. Instead us the "/grant <name> <privilege>" command to give a privilege to a player (you need the "privs" privilege to be able to do this
  3. The running server will write out the update to the auth.txt file

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