Saturday 22 December 2012

SSD Fail

Well I've learned some things about SSD drives and my old Compaq Presario.  

  1. The first hard drive to boot is the one plugged SATA port 0 and you can't override that in the BIOS
  2. Even when you get the SSD to boot it runs really slowly
  3. The  AS SSD Benchmark is a really good tool for diagnosing SSD performance issues
  4. If your SSD is running in IDE mode then it will be really slow.  To fix it you need to be able to run in AHCI mode
  5. But...the Compaq Presario has a Intel ICH7 southbridge chip set that doesn't support AHCI

So I can't use my new SSD on my old PC.  I'll have to put it into the newer Zoostorm PC.

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