Friday 21 September 2012

NTFS USB Drive On Debian

I'm just diving in to getting NTFS working on my Debian server.  Here are the steps so far...

  1. Use aptitude to install ntfsprogs
  2. Plugged in the USB drive
  3. Watched /var/log/syslog to see what it thinks about the USB dive
  4. The logs show that it assigned it to sdb1
  5. Created a mount point at /mnt/usbdrive
  6. Mounted with: ntfsmount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usbdrive
  7. Hmm...the mount failed and it said I needed to chkdsk /f on windows.  I gave it a whirl
  8. Windows didn't report any problems, so I tried again
  9. Debian worked like a charm
Off to set up the mounted drive as my Duplicati backup.

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