Tuesday 18 September 2012

New Backup Approach

I've decided that the time has come to move on from my current backup solution with Wuala. Now that I need about 200GB backed up I'd be looking at a bill of around £150 plus per year. The new plan is that I'll set up the backup infrastructure myself.
I'm going to use Duplicati as the software to drive the backups. I'll have an SFTP server set up on the home LAN  to which I'll configure all the local PCs to backup to each day. I then plan to setup a Raspberry Pi with an attached USB disk drive as an offsite backup. I'll install this in my father's house and get my home LAN server to again backup to it overnight using Duplicati.


DiQ said...

How is this going for you ?

I've been having problems with Crashplan on my Pi, which I plan to send on holiday to Austria with a 64Gb flash drive soon as I get it working


Unknown said...

It's going slowly. I've got Duplicati running nicely on my home LAN. The several devices backup okay to the local server. I've not managed to get the Pi up and running to mirror the local backup server. This is a result of my lack of free time rather than technical road-blocks.

notleigh said...

Hi there, did you manage to get the offsite Pi up and running? I'm considering setting up something similar (though maybe with rdiff-backup instead.)

Unknown said...

@notleigh Yes I'm all up and running using BitTorrent Sync. Very easy once the initial config is done. The browser based admin on Linux took a little while to sort out. Seems to be solid.