Wednesday 5 October 2011

Wuala, Sunk Cost And Backup Economics

Time spent backing up is rewarded in heaven. Hence I was disappointed at the Wuala announcement that they had stopped their P2P backup storage trading. I had managed to get 40GB of backup space available by sharing disk space on various PCs. I need roughly 60GB available for backup at the moment. The Wuala folks say that I can keep the 40GB free for a year which is a pretty large incentive to stay with them. They also sell space using bitcoin. I could buy another 20GB for a year for 2 BTC which at current rates is about 7 GBP. Treating my 40GB to date as a sunk cost I think it makes sense to stay with Wuala for the next twelve months. Reminder to self: start looking for a new backup provider in September 2012.

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Howie said...

Check out Crashplan
Use it at home to back up my NAS and Mac files to the cloud