Friday 7 October 2011

Setting Up A Minecraft Server

#1 and #2 sons are both addicted to Minecraft. In our "Dad and son techie evening" this week #1 son said that he wanted to set up a Minecraft server. It was actually very easy.

  1. Follow the instructions from the Minecraft Wiki to get the Java files on to the server
  2. I had to reduce the memory footprint as I'm installing it on the Rimuhosting VPS server that is quite restricted on RAM. I went for starting with 500 megs and maximum of 800 megs
  3. Set up a white list file with the users we want to allow
  4. Kick off the server: java -Xms500M -Xmx800M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui
For now I just kept the server running in a screen session on the server. I do have a shopping list of things to tidy up:
  • Set it up properly to start at boot time following the Debian init.d approach
  • Set up logrotate to manage the log file
  • I really must set up iptables or equivalent to give me a suitable firewall

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