Tuesday 3 November 2009

Speeding up Webpage with YSlow

I help my sister-in-law by looking after the hosting of the web site for their company 'Out and About'. After they recently updated their content I decided to have a play with Yahoo's YSlow Firefox extension to make sure I'd got everything running as smoothly as I could. There were several server related issues that I fixed quite easily. I had most problems sorting out the expires headers on the static content. I run the lighttpd webserver to host the site. In order to get the expires header I had to enable mod_expire and make sure it was the first module listed. The in the web page virtual host entry I added: expire.url = ("" => "access 1 months") ...this is to put a long expires header for the whole site contents as it is all static. With this in place YSlow scores me an "A". The initial page load takes about 4s and subsequent navigations take about 75ms while the Google Analytics component loads.

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