Sunday 9 June 2013

ScriptCraft Server Updated for Latest "classroom" Module

Walter Higgins from ScriptCraft has just added a "classroom" module to ScriptCraft. (Here's what changed on GitHub).  Here are the steps I followed to upgrade the Madlab Miners ScriptCraft server:

  1. Log on to the server as the scriptcraft user
  2. wget
  3. Re-attach to the scriptcraft screen session  (screen -r)
  4. Type "stop" at the server prompt, and wait for it to stop (takes several seconds to save the chunks from all the Multiverse worlds)
  5. mv ~/ScriptCraft.jar ~/bukkit/plugins
  6. Restart the server using the bash file: ./
  7. Once the server is up login and check that you can turn on the classroom with: /js classroom.allowScripting(true)
  8. Works like a charm!

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