Wednesday 10 April 2013

Minetest Super-Flat World Howto

Here's some quick notes on how to create a super-flat world in Minetest.  This works on version 0.4.6 running on Windows.

  1. Download Minetest and unpack the zip file somewhere
  2. From the folder that you've unpacked rename the "minetest.conf.example" file to "minetest.conf"
  3. Edit the minetest.conf file with your favorite text edit (or Notepad)
  4. Find the line that starts "# Mapgen stuff" and create a new line beneath it
  5. Add the following
    mg_flags = flat
  6. Save the edited minetest.conf file
  7. From the unpacked folder go into the "bin" folder and double click "minetest.exe" to start the program
  8. Press "new" to create a new world
  9. Give the world a new name
  10. Choose the type of world you want -- perhaps "build" is the best choice here
  11. Click "Create"
  12. You almost certainly want to tick the "Creative Mode" box so that you have lots of stuff to build with
  13. Choose your new world and click "Play"
  14. You should now be in your super-flat world

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