Wednesday 20 February 2013

Minecraft Wire Tapping

#1 son and I had a great time at the latest Manchester RaspberryPi Jam this weekend. We cracked on with our project to wire tap the network interface in Minecraft. After some fiddling about with the Python socket library we manged to be the man-in-the-middle and see all the traffic going between the Minecraft client and the server. The slightly disappointing fact was that although we could see the first two packets of the protocols handshake, after that all the traffic was encrypted :(.

Anyhow it was interesting to have the RaspberryPi running as a man-in-the-middle without any significant interruptions to the game play. As a next step I think we are going to try and find a third party library to help with the wire tapping. Perhaps MC3P will be worth a look.

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