Wednesday 13 October 2010

Pee-Day and Penguins

Today boy #3 has been in 'special big-boy pants' for the first time.  He did quite well for a first day with only the odd accident.  Over to the wife for coping with day #2.

In unrelated news, I've been trying to get boys 1 and 2 interested in working out the economics of Club Penguin. We've got a stopwatch, and we've been timing how long it takes to earn a certain number of coins on different games.  It is a work in progress so far.  I emailed CP customer support to ask if they would let me have some stats for the overall games, but they said that was a trade secret.  Fair enough, if a little boring, I suppose.

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Dave Potts said...

It wasn't to be. After a brief initial burst of enthusiasm, #3 child gave up on the whole idea of sitting on a potty. No amount of Gina Ford sanctioned sweets as prizes would encourage him back on. We've given up for now. Back to nappies.