Tuesday 5 May 2009

Notes from Linux Magazine - May 2009

  • Graphics design book using FLOSS tools available from http://en.flossmanuals.net
  • Hyperic HQ looks an interesting tool for enterprise monitoring.
  • 'Beginning Portable Shell Scripting' from Apress looks like a good book.
  • WebHTB is a tool to manage network bandwidth allocation, although it does seem to need kernel modules compiled in first.
  • agedu is a handy tool for finding old files in a file system
  • Here's a list of fuzzing tools:<
    • mangleme
    • browser fuzzer 2
    • fzem
    • fsfuzzer
    • FileP
    • ProxyFuzz
    • Peach Fuzzing Platform
    • GPF
    • SPIKE
    • QueFuzz
  • Fsniper processes new and updated files for you
  • Chandler is interesting again. Might be the way to put the calendar, email and contact lists for the family together. Might need to run a Chandler Hub.
  • Security web sites to take a look at
    • InvisibleThings
    • Matasano
    • The Fake Name Generator
    • The Milw0rm exploit database
  • Take a look at the digital subscription options at http://www.linux-magazine.com/DigiSub
  • Linux Magazine is published from Manchester. Add that to the list of reasons for civic pride.

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