Sunday 26 April 2009

'Upgrade' Killed my ADSL

My ISP upgraded my ADSL to version 2+ and now my router won't connect. I tried all the usual troubleshooting steps of rebooting and unplugging the ADSL wire to no avail. Next I got on the phone to my ISP, Demon. Demon ran line checks during which I was disconnected. Humph! Calling back I had to wait in the queue again. Try to be calm. Take deep breaths. Demon persuaded me to buy three new micro-filters which had no effect. Finally they told me that they would have to pass the call to a BT engineer. To top it all they asked me to pre-approve that I would pay £170 if BT found that the fault originated in my house. Naturally enough I declined their kind offer. Only thing now is to wait until Monday to see if they can fix it. Until then we're back to 1993 and dial-up internet.


Dave Potts said...

A combination of Demon technical support and my father-in-law visiting to look after the boys has got the ADSL working again. F-i-L has somewhat re-set my router config, but I can't complain seeing as how it is now working!

Dave Potts said...

I'm still experiencing instability on the link and having to restart router a couple of times per day. Will look for firmware upgrade I think.

Dave Potts said...

After several bouts of tech support calls I'm back up and running, but with a new Belkin F5D7634-4 router. My conclusion is that both my old router and the local exchange equipment couldn't cope with the move to ADSL 2+.