Wednesday 1 October 2008

Using my Slug as a Mercurial Repos

I've bought a slug inspired by the now defunct Linux Reality podcast. It had been hanging around for a while but now I've found something worthwhile to use it for. I've been using Mercurial for distributed version control and the slug makes a great central repos. I've got Debian etch running on the slug and mercurial was a simple apt-get away (actually I use aptitude to manage the packages). With mercurial installed and a little setting up of ssh keys I'm good to go. I simply have a single mercurial user on the slug and make sure for any files that I edit I first pull from the mercurial user and when done push back. I can now edit the same files from work, various computers at home and at the inlaws and keep the whole thing under control. Now, if only I could get a symbian S60 version of mercurial going...

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